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Design & Installation

We can design and build the aquarium of your dreams. We work with architects and builders – usually at the concept & design stage to ensure the installation is as smooth and stress free as possible. Bespoke aquaria can be supplied in either acrylic or glass and can be built on-site if required.

We can also supply “off the shelf” aquaria in various ranges – eg Juwel, Clearseal, Evasion and Elite. Please contact us for details and prices.

Our installation service can be tailored to suit the customers demands ranging from setting up the hardware right through to aquascaping and fish introduction.



Offered with all our installations. They include a monthly maintenance visit by professional staff to ensure your aquarium consistently looks as good as it should.

We are happy to provide this service also on a one-off basis. Please contact us for a quote.

The regular maintenance service includes:-

  • Algae wipe and substrate cleanse to remove all detritus, debris and algae.
  • Service of filtration system. Heating and Lighting systems are checked to ensure reliable operation.
  • Adjustments, where necessary, of timers, feeders etc
  • Monitoring of water quality and 30% partial water change. Advance preparation ensures this is as un-intrusive and minimally disruptive as possible from your daily operations.
  • Administration of treatments where necessary to ensure the optimum health of your fish.
  • Livestock and plant replenishment where necessary when lost through natural wastage.
  • Prompt emergency call-outs, advice and telephone/email back-up.
  • Supply of appropriate fish food and treats.


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